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I has puppy

Her name is Scout (from To Kill a Mockingbird).

I had to take her to work with me these past couple days as we don't have a walking service set up yet.
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Not tame, but well fed. The airboat pilot fed her chicken to entice her to come closer, but this was still in the middle of a swamp.  And I'm not the one touching her. 

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Real Life MMO patch 1.1 is live!

Real Life MMO patch 1.1 is live!

General fixes
  • When creating new characters, obnoxiously spelled and otherwise stupid names will no longer be allowed.
  • Appendix has been removed from the game.
  • Fixed graphics bug that caused facial textures to appear splotchy during levels 10-20.
  • Fixed memory bug in which characters would occasionally enter a room and forget why.
  • Improved character flexibility.  Characters will now be able to plesaure themselves orally.
  • Fixed hair regeneration bug where in many cases hair regeneration would stop working as character progressed in level beyond 25.
  • Debuff "pain" now lasts 1/2 the time as before.  Additionally, glitch where "pain" is amplified in cold environments has  been fixed.
  • Raised minimum score for "inteligence" attribute.  Characters with fewer than 10 points in this attribute will need to reroll abilities with no penalty to level.
  • Rolling restarts of servers to fix economy.
  • Classes "Lawyer" and "Salesperson" have been removed from the game.

Balance fixes
  • Nerfed "maths" ability for Asians, while buffing "driving" skill.
  • Male characters now have slightly higher resistence to female "thrall" ability.
  • Nerfed "douchebag" class's xp bonus which was causing them to gain levels in professions faster than other clases.
  • "Mensturation" has been removed from the game. Female characters now have option to toggle between "fertile" and "infertile" modes via a new menu option.
  • Language skills taken after level 10 may now be learned at the same rate as newbie characters.
  • "Pregnancy" debuff now resolved in 3 months rather than 9.  Parent characters also receive 3 month "energy" buff upon its conclusion.

Quests and Achievements
  • The achievement system has been scaled back as too many players were ignoring story quests in favor of easy achievements.
  • Added content for "Liberal Arts Major" profession.  There will now be quests available for those who have mastered this profession.
  • Zombie Apocolypse DLC is live!
  • Repaired Ozone hole.  
  • Moved below-sea-level coastal cities to higher terrain
  • Major religions now have separate holy cities.  Not sure what we were thinkng by putting three of them in Jerusalem.
  • Converted 50% of "desert" zones to airable land.
  • Player pets now 100% resistant to automobiles.  Additionally, the development from  "kitten, puppy, etc..." to adult form now lasts twice as long.
  • The petition to bring back Dinosaurs, which were present in beta, is being considered, but at present the developers feel they were overpowered.

New Features and Items
  • Potion of Cure Cancer
  • Fusion and Hydrogen power sources now available
  • All charachters who reach level 100 will receive a special gift!
  • Added "ignore" function.  All dialogue and emotes from ignored players will no longer appear to your character.
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The good people at RedLetter Media

Namely this guy

and this guy

released their hilarious in depth anal-sys of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, as told by this guy:

View it here: