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Fear & Loathing in the Chicago Suburbs

3 June 1977
I used to be History & English teacher, now I'm part-owner in a new packaging/crating/shipping company. I play piano & drums, compose my own music, and also write fiction...I don't do that creative stuff as much as I could or should. I enjoy reading SF & speculative fiction, film, and some Anime. Though I am not terribly versed in the particulars of philosophy, I enjoy philosophical and political debate. I have not watched television programming for 3 years, and I don't miss it. I'm passionate about music. Music I like moves me deeply, can bestow the sensation of the top of my head comming off. Music I dislike is torture, as I cannot tune it out. I suppose my life would be more tolerable if I liked popular music. Music I enjoy includes classical (Tchaikovsky, Divorak, Bethoven...) jazz, classic rock (Floyd, Zepplin, Doors, Santana) and progressive rock (Rush, DreamTheater, Nightwish...)

...wow, in looking at this again, it reads like the ramblings of some junior high school student. Must revise!

And by the way, I can't stand "chateese" or 733+ or any other dumbing-down of language. I don't mind the occasional typo or spelling / grammar error as I make them myself, but if Albert Einstein and Mohandas Ghandi were to post here, and their posts looked something like, "OMG u should study mathmatics its teh universal language lol," or "hax0rs are just another way of hitting back" I would whack Einstein upside his head and donkey-punch Ghandi.